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Behind the Craft: Wetland Heroes

Interactive Producer Chloe Barraclough explains how we created ‘Wetland Heroes’ – a new, free app for WWT Slimbridge that helps families connect with wildlife. BRIEF The core objective for this project was to create a digital product that drives visitors to find the lesser explored areas of the Slimbridge site.  An objective which stemmed from […]

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Aardman Academy alumni blog: Sketch to Screen Model Making

Aardman Academy alumni Natalie Morrison explains what to expect from the five day Sketch to Screen Model Making workshop. As a die-Aard(man) fan, finding a course run by people working on Wallace & Gromit and Chicken Run was a ‘how fast can you take my payment’, sort of moment. From tearing open my model-making package […]

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‘Pinocchio’ Review: Roberto Benigni In Matteo Garrone’s Bizarrely Wonderful & Very Italian Version Of...


Matteo Garrone on Telling a New ‘Pinocchio’ Story and Collaborating with Roberto Benigni

Plus, Garrone shares the biggest challenges he faced while bringing his vision to life. ...

Good Morning America ‘Pinocchio’ review: A fresh and more grown-up take on the animated...

Warning to parents: This is not the 1940 Disney cartoon classic. This "Pino...

Crash review – Cronenberg’s auto eroticism still has impact

The controversy surrounding the original release of this dark exploration of sexy car accidents now seems quaintly outdated – but the film holds up well ...

Interview: The ‘Pinocchio’ Hair & Makeup Team Bring Him To Life

By Abe FriedtanzerThe Disney film Pinocchio, originally released in 19...
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