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“For Your Consideration” Documentary by Patrick Green Set to Release


“For Your Consideration” is a short film tells the story behind Plastic Jesus and Ginger’s “Casting Couch”, the viral Harvey Weinstein sculpture that shook up the 90th Academy Awards.

Harvey Weinstein creeped back into Hollywood just in time for the 90th Academy Awards. No need to fear though as the disgraced movie producer has gone viral for all the right reasons this time.

The Los Angeles-based street artist Plastic Jesus has teamed up with sculptor Ginger to create “Casting Couch”, a golden statue of Weinstein, clad in matching bathrobe and slippers, sitting on a chaise lounge, while provocatively offering up an Academy Award trophy.

“For Your Consideration” is directed by filmmaker Patrick Green (TAG). It documents the process behind the built-to-scale sculpture, which is meant to convey a bigger than life-sized message, “For many years the exploitation of many hopefuls and established names in the industry was brushed under the carpet with their complaints of harassment and sexual abuse being ignored or worse,” says Plastic Jesus. “Hopefully, now in the light of recent allegations against many leading figures in Hollywood the industry will clean up its act.”

“For Your Consideration” Trailer from Patrick Green on Vimeo.

For Your Consideration explores the on-the-street reaction to the viral sensation, which was not only covered by Time, New York Times, Vice, Vogue, and all the major networks, but appeared on countless social media timelines just as the Las Vegas-based Ginger had hoped, “The whole concept was for it to be an interactive art piece. Everyone wants a selfie, everyone wants to be part of the experience, but this isn’t about grabbing headlines, we wanted to have a message behind it.”

For Your Consideration also features exclusive behind the scenes footage of the two months it took to make “Casting Couch”, from the conceptualization to the installation of the viral art piece, which was displayed on Hollywood and La Brea a few days before the Oscars ceremony.

The ten minute documentary details the second collaboration between Ginger, best known for his nude Donald Trump sculptures, and Plastic Jesus, a former British photojournalist turned pop culture provocateur, whose annual Oscar’s art pieces (coke snorting Oscar, False Idol Kanye West, etc) have become as much a part of Academy Awards season as pandering for golden trophies.

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