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Flicks Film Festival opens its doors to international entries


We are pleased to announce that the Flicks Film Festival opens its doors to international entries after 4 years of the organisation awarding local filmmakers for their remarkable talent and creativity.

Founded in 2013 by Fredrick Williams and Alison Amell, the festival has enjoyed providing an outlet for students and media enthusiasts alike from its base in Fulham, London. Now thanks to online portals such as ‘Withoutabox’ and ‘Film Freeway’ gaining secure and reassuring recognition from filmmakers all over the world, the Flicks Film Festival is now established online to offer a monthly event with the winners all being entered into the ‘Best of Year’ gala event slated to be held in June 2019 with live screenings of the finalists works.

Speaking from their office, Fredrick Williams, highlights the natural course to expand. “We have had great fun working alongside such talented people over the years, watching and judging such excellent projects from 2 minute concept ideas to full length feature films, all funded and produced locally. To take that passion that these writers, directors, actors etc display and offer the opportunity to see what likeminded people are up to from all over the world is truly amazing. It’s a huge step for us, and a lot of undertaking nevertheless if we get the opportunity to hold an annual event in London that can act not just as a winner’s ceremony but also an international hub for people to come together to network and share ideas. Then with every passing year the level of quality coming through will be astounding”.

Flicks Film Festival will be open for entries from September 2018 via their website www.flicksfilmfestival.com and via Film Freeway @ www.filmfreeway.com.

All updates and winners announcements will be made through their social media outlets.


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