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LAB 99, a unique Sci-fi Movie by Thai female Director Makes Major Buzz


A Unique Sci-Fi Movie By Thai Female Director Makes Major Buzz While Bringing More Diversity And Inclusion On Screen

An independent Chicago-based production company, Nebula Creatives, recently launched its Seed & Spark campaign to kick off the pre- production of its highly anticipated sci-fi fantasy feature film, LAB 99, written and to be directed by a Thai female filmmaker, Rujanee Mahakanjana (“Man And His Erections”, “Parallel Universe”, “Out Of Sight”). In addition to the unique story set in Chicago, Thailand, and an outer space with widely diverse characters, the filmmakers are committed to inclusion and increasing equal representation across the board.

And, it’s been making some big waves on the internet.

Lab 99 is a sci-fi fantasy feature film about letting go and starting over, by the process of death and dreams, largely inspired by the work of Carl Sagan and David Bowie. The compelling story is an eight-year effort, based on true events evolving around an unhappily married woman who meets a mysterious stranger from space, leading her to reconnect with her deep passion for the stars.

“I started writing the script back in December of 2010. I was struggling with the story until recently when my best friend of 18 years passed away. I cried for several days then one day I looked at his ashes and realized he’d just given me an idea to finish it,” says Rujanee Mahakanjana. The best friend she mentioned is a 19-year old cat named Dave.

The executive and creative team of “Lab 99” includes Chicago and New York’s prolific names such as Award-Winning Producer Mark Vadik, Internationally Acclaimed Composer Tatsu Aoki, Award-Winning Actress/Producer Emily Bennett and Actor Walt Sloan along with up and coming writers and producers like Jenaeth Markaj and Julio A. Noboa who are eager to bring this project to fruition.

Co-producer and writer Jenaeth Markaj is also an artist representative for Japanese Fine Art Photographer Satoki Nagata, whose work will be featured in the film.

The team is currently hoping to raise $15,000 on Seed & Spark to kick off its pre-production, offering fun and unique incentives as low as $2 and up to $4,999, from being on set as extras to having your alien name mentioned in the film to getting your alien portrait sketched by the director. Visit lab99thefilm.com for more details.

Writer/Director Rujanee Mahakanjana and the team are presently available for interviews. Please contact production@nebulacreatives.com for scheduling.

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