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Helping Studio & Independent productions save money without limiting high production value.


GlobalWatch consults with production and events to assist in production needs from script to post-production. If you need help acquiring crew (local or International), locations, contracts developed, brand integration, or editing services, GW is here to help. No tasks are too small or too big for us to handle. We’re here to help you make your life easier during production. Our connections with brands worldwide created marketing and promotional strategies for our clients’ projects. Lowering costs but not production quality.

GlobalWatch is a Full-Service production company that offers Financing, Production, and Marketing resources to productions to successfully produce their projects. No budget is too small or too big for GlobalWatch Films. Your project is safe with us!

Product Placement

GlobalWatch Films understands the importance of cost-effective advertising for brands and the need for funding for productions. We bridge this gap and forms long-term relationships with productions and branding companies. With such importance, we believe the best way to achieve both is through product placement. GlobalWatch has provided highly successful product placement opportunities for Film, TV, Broadway Shows, and corporate events. Product Placement is the only reliable source of funding in our opinion. The opportunity increases market audience, builds long-term brand relationships, and increases overall distribution markets.

Our services begin with a script analysis which is used to break down the potential product placement opportunities in the script. The next step is something we continue to take pride for and this is for our demographic and marketing reports for productions and events. GlobalWatch Films believes in the addition of constant market research during the product placement process. We complete weekly and monthly reporting on the current markets for the productions or event, plus demographic reporting on the potential audience or event attendees. Our clients are provided with full breakdowns of their potential audience and market to ensure effective advertising dollars and allow brands to see the compatibility with the productions.

We work with key crew members so we provide the props, wardrobe, and locations for their productions. We only establish product placement that fits the script’s storyline and character profiles.

Brand Integration

GW Films only establishes brand integrations with brands that have products or services that match the overall character, setting, storyline, and corporate events’ major theme. We do not believe in non-organic brand integration. GW promises to help you create art, not a brand commercial product.

Promotional Materials

GlobalWatch Films offers production of promotional materials for clients. We design company logos, movie posters, event signage, website design, and etc. Our art department is here to help create the designs you need to execute all your promotional and marketing goals.

Social Media

We will assist you with your social media needs. We will create social media campaigns that fit your target demographics. When developing social media campaigns, we create options that are user-friendly, time-saving and cost-effective. We help you reach the markets you need to generate sales and build audiences for your film production through target social media outlets. We handle all social media postings and create social media calendars for your team to use daily. GW also designs creative artful social media postings for our clients to use freely. Reach out to use if you need help building your social media presence.


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