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Test your fear of heights in Richie’s Plank Experience on PS VR, out next week


You asked for Richie’s Plank Experience on PSVR – it’s coming 12th December! Richie’s Plank Experience was created to entertain your friends and family with a thrilling heights challenge.

Everyone reacts differently as they step out from an 80-storey skyscraper and walk the plank. Your guests will scream, laugh or swear like a sailor. Although it’s short, the powerful feeling inside can last for hours.

The PlayStation VR release of Richie’s Plank Experience has been our most requested version and we are excited to finally bring it to your living room in time for the holiday season! Mark your calendars: as of 12th December, Richie’s Plank Experience will be available to play on PS VR in Europe, Australia and Americas.



Yes, you can fly

If balancing on a plank isn’t your thing, switch over to the Fire Deck which has you fighting fires and flying between skyscrapers like a superhero. Our husband and wife indie studio expanded to a team of five developers to ensure we were able to include this bonus flying mode in time for launch.


Plank setup

If you’ve played Richie’s Plank Experience on other platforms, you’ll notice that the PS VR version is quite unique. We’ve kept the ability to clone your real world plank into the virtual world, but in a new way. You’re now able to punch in your plank dimensions and position your physical plank with your virtual one – by simply looking down and peeking under your headset.

We’ve also added a new feature for those with a limited play space: artificial locomotion. With a push of a button, you can move forward or backward in the virtual world. Best used to avoid jumping into your TV. Note that locomotion and real world plank setup cannot be used together!


Tech changes

We went through a massive amount of usability and frame rate optimisations to ensure the smoothest possible experience for the players.

Whether you are standing on the plank looking down at the massive city, or flying in-between the buildings at high speed, it is all at 90 frames per second. Our testers described it as “silky smooth”.

Another focus was making Richie’s Plank Experience player-friendly. The rockets and fire extinguishers are re-designed for the Dualshock 4 controller and the PS Move controllers.

Snap turning and a tunnel-vision effect is also included while flying at high speed to make the experience more comfortable.

All this paired with the framerate of 90 makes Richie’s Plank Experience come together as a smooth, comfortable and easy-to-use VR experience on your PlayStation 4.

Merry Christmas from Toast VR

We’re extremely excited to share Richie’s Plank Experience with PS VR users on 12th December. From the entire team here at Toast VR, Merry Christmas and we hope the plank terrifies you, your friends and your family.

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