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Geo Santini’s Satire ‘LIKE’ asks, ‘Is Social Media Socially Crippling – Are We All Addicted?’


Director Geo Santini Explores Social Media Gratification In New Indie Comic Satire Like

Directed by Geo Santini in an era where social media likes and views are coveted currency, LIKE  brings to the screen a unique satire that follows the meteoric rise and short-lived career of Benito Cruz. The film presents the evolution of Cruz from outrageous social media clickbait king who builds a crowd by performing edgy pranks flirting with legality, to the extremely controversial and chart-topping hip-hop troll that is Lil Tito.

With a notable cast including of Rene Rosado (The Connors, Star Trek Into Darkness), Scotty Tovar (Empire, Animal Kingdom), Lisa Roumain (Avatar, Westworld), GRAMMY Award® winning super producer Cory RooneyJessica Meza (Hulu’s East Los High); recording artist Managed by Akon Micky Munday and social social media stars Mark “MysticGotJokes” Williams and Alexander “Mega” McQueenLIKE transports its audience into a world obsessed with influence, projecting, power, and the need for online validation.

In addition, LIKE explores the compulsion for social media instant gratification, fame, and the responsibility that comes with such, while it’s lead character Benito (now Lil Tito) enters the ever-manipulative world of the music industry, which is reputable for chewing and spitting out artists since its inception. The question is: What happens when the dire need for attention goes too far? Are we prepared to face the real life consequences of our online actions? What happens when we put more importance to the avatar than our own reality?

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