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Aline Mayne Stunt Doubled on The Blacklist, Blindspot, Blue Bloods & The Punisher


Aline Mayne is a SAG/AFTRA Actress, composer and martial artist working in Hollywood

Aline Mayne as Victor Zsasz Henchwoman in Gotham (TV Series) Mad City: Ghosts (2017)

Aline Mayne started writing music at age 13, she played in various rock bands and did a drama program in Belgium (native country). Aline studied classical music at the Royal Conservatory of Mons in Belgium. Back then
Aline Mayne was focused on a solo singer-songwriter career. But, she returned to acting, for film and TV and ended up being a stunt-woman.
Aline used to be a Volleyball player and she also loves dancing, martial arts, rock climbing and mountaineering 🙂

Q: Did You Study Acting? 
Aline Mayne: Yes, I graduated high school as a Drama major back in Belgium. We put together two plays in a year. I also took various acting classes with casting directors in New York.

Q: What Acting Technique Do You Use?
Aline Mayne: Honestly I don’t really know. I’m reading the Stanislavski book “An actor’s work” right now, which is very inspiring. And I have Meisner and Stella Adler books too, to read after that. My training was mostly in theatre acting, about proper diction and projection of the voice, physical acting and corporal expression, and role study.

Q: You Are An Experienced Stunt Woman, How Much Work, Creative Energy or Focus Do You Put into Your Scenes?
Aline Mayne: As a stunt-woman, focus is crucial. A lot of times, especially on TV, you have only one take to get the shot, so your energy and focus level have to be at the maximum, to get the shot done while remaining safe. Creatively, sometimes you give inputs, like in fight sequences, you can be involved in finding the right movements. Recently I had a rock climbing stunt double gig, where I also contributed in finding the movements.

Q: You Have Worked on the Most Popular TV Shows: “The Blacklist”, “Fear The Walking Dead”, “Blindspot”, “Blue Blood”  and  “The Punisher”. How Has Each Show Impacted Your Work & Your Career?
Aline Mayne: I have worked on The Blacklist the longest, and it really inspired me and taught me a lot about filmmaking, to watch the stunt coordinator also becoming a director for example. In general, every job brings something positive.

Q: How Does The Work You Do On One Show, Say “The Blacklist” Compare to Another, Say “Blindspot”? 
Aline Mayne: On some shows, I’m much more involved. For example, if you become the stunt double of a lead or supporting character, and there’s a lot of action involved, you’re on that set a lot, doing many different actions sequences. You start knowing the whole crew and make friends, and you know people have your back.

Which in turn makes you more comfortable in general, so when you go to a new set and work with new people you haven’t worked with before, you know better about yourself, about how to communicate with others, and how to be more efficient at what you’re doing. And even if every set is different, in New York, there’s usually always some people you already know from working on a another production before or training together.

Q: Let’s Take “The Blacklist”, For Example, How Did You Prepare For Such a Role: The Cast, The Physicality, The Terrain, The Climate, Weather & The Demands of the Show? 
Aline Mayne: Sometimes the stunt coordinator tells you in advance the kind of stunts you’ll do, so you know what gear and equipment to bring, and you can prepare yourself physically and mentally. Most of the time, you can sort of have an idea of what’s coming when you get your call sheet the day before.

Sometimes you don’t really know until you show up on set and read the script (if they give you one), to have an idea of what you’ll be doing. So you have to be prepared for anything. That’s why bringing a big bag full of pads and stunt gear is essential, and constant physical training and conditioning is crucial, to keep all the skills sharp and avoid injuries.

Q: What Do You Want Most From a Director?
Aline Mayne: To be clear about what they want, so I can give what they want in one take 🙂

Q: What Actors Do You Long to Work With?
Aline Mayne: Charlize Theron.

Q: Why?
Aline Mayne: Her work is very inspiring to me and I aspire to be like her when I grow up 😀

Q: What Advice Would You Give Actors Around The World?
Aline Mayne: It might sound cliché, but never give up. It a tough job, but with consistency you can make it. Believe in yourself even if no one do.

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