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Omar Mora, Creator of The Unearthians, to appear at San Diego Comic-con!

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Famed comic creator Omar Mora has officially been announced to appear at Comic-Con for The Unearthians, the highly-anticipated new Sci-fi comic book series that hits July 17. Mora will appear as part of the DIY Comics: Publish, Don’t Perish panel on Saturday the 20th of July from 5pm – 6pm. 

The Unearthians is an action packed sci-fi narrative where two best friends are abducted and transported into an underground base somewhere on Earth. During their abduction Mateo and Carter decide to uncover the truth when they discover the dark agenda the aliens have in store for Earth and the Galaxy. With help of other beings, they decide to fight this injustice. But Mateo and Carter also have a secret of their own, which they will use to their advantage; a secret that the aliens never saw coming. This is an original action packed sci-fi story where good versus evil collide for a greater cause

Synopsis: Two best friends are abducted, but the aliens made a big mistake by bringing them into their ship. Now in an underground base somewhere on Earth our heroes, with the help of other beings, will help humanity by uncovering the dark agenda the aliens have in store for Earth.

The series will be available digitally at Comixology.com and in print formats in local comic book stores in Los Angeles including Golden Apple Comics and Legacy Comics, and through the website.

The Unearthians, a 12-issue comic book series, features an action-packed sci-fi narrative in which two best friends are abducted by aliens and imprisoned in an underground base on Earth.

While in captivity, Mateo and Carter discover the dark agenda that the aliens have in store for Earth and the entire galaxy. But Mateo and Carter also have a secret which they will use to their advantage. Good and evil collide when this unconventional team comes together to battle the fascist regime.

In addition to being an action-packed sci-fi thriller, it is a warm, honest, happy, and very human story.

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Omar Mora: Born and raised in Arecibo, Puerto Rico, Omar Mora first turned to a career in medicine, studying to become a doctor in his homeland as well as in Mexico. He then moved to New York City for his medical residency. It was after witnessing the tragedy of September 11th that he decided life was too short not to do everything he wanted, so he decided to pursue his dream of acting.

While a resident in physical medicine and rehabilitation at Saint Vincent’s Hospital in New York, Mora enrolled as a student in the two-year acting program at The New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts. After finishing both, he moved to Los Angeles to continue both careers. Since relocating, Mora has been building a solid résumé in the independent film world.

In 2012, Mora added writing to his career ambitions. His desire and passion to have audiences know his stories fueled him to write eight feature film scripts and, in 2013, he wrote his first literary novel, Ancient Explorers: The Lost City of Peru, which is based on one of his film scripts.

In 2013 Mora created his company Moras Productions, Inc., with the goal to develop his scripts into feature films, TV series and Comic Book series. The company’s first short film, A Busy Mind, was distributed by PBS in 2014, and its first feature film, 30 Days with My Brother had a Theatrical release in 2016. It was distributed by AMC Theaters through the AMC Independent program.The film was also released on cable and online VOD, including Amazon Prime. At this moment Mora, through his company, is going to launch his first comic book series The Unearthians on July, 17, 2019. This will be a 12 issues comic book series. They are also in post-production of their second independent feature film Inside the Circle and the expected release is in 2020.

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