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Interview: Monika Thomas, Aussie Actress; from a small acting role that keeps giving

Monika Thomas is an Aussie Actress Known for ‘Something to Do with Death’ & ‘The James Gibson Story’.

Monika Thomas’ first time acting in a feature film was back in 2017. The date was the 2nd January, to be precise, as in extra role. The name of the film is “Something to Do With Death“. I played a Dental patient and this included an IMDb Credit (my first one). After losing my father in October 2016 (Yes, I did do CPR on him) I decided there had to be more to life than just living, working and caring. I needed to recharge myself & find out who I really was. (I had been a singer in a church choir while growing up and played basic guitar). From that day on you could say I got the acting bug and as the saying goes; “the rest is history“.

indieactivity : How did you become an actor?
Monika Thomas : No, I have never studied acting, & have been told by many I am a natural, along with being a method actor. With the various roles I have taken on since January 2017, & enjoy meeting the various people within this world, as no 2 days are the same & that is what I love.

indieactivity : What acting technique do you use?
Monika Thomas : The acting technique I use is – Method. I put myself into the character of the role I am to play – at times to the annoyance of my children & husband and if I’m doing that, then I’m doing a good job at it. I am able to act across all genres with ease & change at the drop of a hat. I also bring to the table my life experiences that has helped on a number of occasions to win roles that I’ve applied & auditioned for from those that have studies. 

Monika Thomas_indieactivity
Monika Thomas as ‘Judith’ in Judith & Adele

indieactivity : Do you take courses to improve your craft?
Monika Thomas : I don’t do courses as such to improve my craft, but I do attend wellness talks or talks with actors such as Andy McPhee who I have now shared the same set with on a number of occasions to hear other ideas & ways of doing things for my craft.   

indieactivity : What acting boks do you read?
Monika Thomas : As yet I have not read any acting books, due to between the roles I am involved with, I assist my teenage son with his homework, caring for my mother, as well as working temporary assignments as well, so the time to read apart from scripts is minimal.

indieactivity : How do you keep fit as an actor: physically and mentally?
Monika Thomas : Well physically as a mother & carer with all the running around I do, I do some work on the exercise bike and try to work my inner thighs – thanks to having both my knees totally replaced. Mentally – I take between 5 to 10 minutes to clear my head, writing either short stories or verses to help, even sing a song or two.

indieactivity : How do I prepare for a role when I get it?
Monika Thomas : I first of all have a quick read of the whole script, then I go to back to the start of the script making notes along the way, highlighting my character at the same time & being more instructional with the notes on my character, i.e. – how they would sound, how they would say a line, how they would look (expression) etc.

Monika Thomas_indieactivity
Monika Thomas in “Conflicting Emotions”

indieactivity : How I would create a character from a script into a person?
Monika Thomas : How I would create a character from a script into a person would be as I have said previously – read the whole script first to get a feeling for it, then go back to the beginning & start with my note taking.

indieactivity : How do I stay fresh on a production set?
Monika Thomas : In-between takes is by taking short walks & especially going over the next scene I am in, as well as relaxing, but always remaining in character.

indieactivity : Explain one creative choice you made on set?
Monika Thomas : It was on a student film titled, “Pranked“. The director and scriptwriter was a Chinese student who wrote the script in his native language but then translated it into the English Language. Being a trained Education Support (Teacher’s Aide), I changed my lines & actions to be more fluid remaining in-line with the story he was trying to project. When I explained, he understood, and allowed me to make this choice to change my character response accordingly.

indieactivity : What memorable character have you played?
Monika Thomas : I played was that of “Judith” on a local Community TV Series, Channel 31 called The Travel Counsellor, showing that men also suffer Domestic ViolenceJudith was an abusive wife towards her husband Stephen. Adele is a Counsellor who travels to her client’s houses and assist couples with issues they have. Giovanna who plays Adele is a qualified Social Worker. I had gone through two instances of Domestic Violence at the hands of two separate partners. We each brought to the table real world experiences, both in the professional and life.

Monika Thomas_indieactivity
Monika Thomas in ‘Written In The Stars’

indieactivity : What do you want most from a director?
Monika Thomas : I would like to work with a director who is well prepared, and knows right from the start, the sort of direction they would like the production being filmed to take and advise all involved.

indieactivity : What actor do you long to work with?
Monika Thomas : The actor I long to work with is a real hard question to answer, as there are many that I would love to work with. However, first and foremost, I would like to work with Chris Hemsworth or Cate Blanchett who are well known Australian actors.

indieactivity : Why?
Monika Thomas : I would love to work with Cate Blanchett for the various roles she has played, changing herself. Chris Hemsworth due to also the various roles as played.  

indieactivity : Briefly describe your career?
Monika Thomas : Being a top working actor or actress does not happen over one night. There is a lot of hard work that go into such success. Mostly, it is a journey that starts at the bottom, as an extra or a featured extra, such roles can build up into small roles while he or she keeps climbing up from that point.

I have done student films, being an extra on shows like Neighbours. Getting a foot in the door is hard and keeping it there, is even harder. You need to remember to treat everyone with respect, always be professional, have a smile on your face, and always follow your director’s directions.

Agathas Wanted_indieactivity
Agatha’s Wanted Poster

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