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Franklin Eugene, ‘The Shepherd’ Executive Producer on Filmmaking


The more energy you put into it, the more energy the Universe will give you from it.

Franklin Eugene is executive producer on “The Shepherd” a WWII film by László Illés

Franklin Eugene is widely regarded as one of the foremost renaissance men of his generation.

Franklin Eugene is a business professional, internationally acclaimed fashion designer, film producer, Global Patron of the Arts, activist, and humanitarian. He is best known for his designs of chic, classic, comfortable clothing for men. His designs evoke the masculine energy in a fashion style like no other.

Franklin Eugene International is a global design company and worldwide aspirational lifestyle platform that produces transformative experiences through men’s alta moda (bespoke/haute couture), men’s and women’s Italian leather accessories, men’s luxury and ready-to-wear, a select offering of high street clothing, and global humanitarian endeavor.

Franklin was a producer of “Love Gilda”, the extraordinary documentary feature that shares the life of comic icon Gilda Radner. “Love Gilda” opened the 2018 Tribeca International Film Festival. A man of many talents, Mr. Eugene seeks to continue bringing influential stories to the big screen. He has also executive produced “Eight” (2018), “Little Wing” (2016) and “Almost Strangers” (2015).

‘The Shepherd’, Hungarian film by László Illés goes on the Festival Circuit

This year he is executive produced “The Shepherd,” a historical drama depicting the atrocities of WWII in territories occupied by Nazis and the triumphant humanity of ordinary people who risked everything to do right.

indieactivity : Give a background of your personal experience with the story, writing, production and marketing?
Franklin Eugene : The storyline of the Shepherd’s rural, ordinary life being upended by the horrors of war drew me in right away. The Shepherd’s actions were very similar to what happened with “the underground railroad” in United States history. Without giving too much away, I can state that he was secretly giving refuge to people who were persecuted during WWII.

indieactivity : Did you start with a cast (You or any) in mind?
Franklin Eugene : In my role as an executive producer the answer is no. However, the director did.

Ákos Horváth_indieactivity
Ákos Horváth in The Shepherd or A Pásztor

indieactivity : How long did you take to complete pre production? (Do you have a writing process?)
Franklin Eugene : László Illés’ (the film director’s) response would suffice.

indieactivity : When did you form your production company?
Franklin Eugene : 2013

indieactivity : What was the first project out of the gate?
Franklin Eugene : The short film about familial relationships – Almost Strangers. It is good to start small and build on successfully completed projects.

indieactivity : During production, what scene (that made the cut) was the hardest to shoot?
Franklin Eugene : For me, it was scene where a child loses her life. (Again, I do not want to give too much away). And even though I knew what the outcome would be because I knew the script, when the scene was shot and every time I watch it, I keep hoping the child will survive.

indieactivity : What works better in this latest production that mightn’t have worked so well in the last one you did?
Franklin Eugene : The crowdfunding worked better for this one because the trailer was more riveting than the documentary I worked on before this one. One lesson for indie filmmakers is – the more riveting the trailer the better if you are seeking crowdfunding.

indieactivity : You produced the film, what measure of input did it take to complete?
Franklin Eugene : The measure of input is really as much as a producer can muster. The more energy you put into it, the more energy the Universe will give you from it.

indieactivity : Is there anything about the independent filmmaking business you still struggle with?
Franklin Eugene : No. It is what it is, and I love it. I was not part of the industry establishment when I started, and I have still had the opportunity to make a mark. Indie filmmakers must continuously and systematically think outside the box and innovate ways to drive their projects to successful global completion.

The Shepherd_indieactivity

indieactivity : Where does your strength as a producer lie?
Franklin Eugene : The ability to innovate ways to bring projects to post- production, completion, and the big screen.

indieactivity : Let’s talk finance, How did you finance the film?
Franklin Eugene : There are many ways but one of the best for indie filmmakers is crowdfunding.

indieactivity : How much did you go over budget? How did you manage it?
Franklin Eugene : I always build a contingency in to the project budget that is specifically designated for project cost overruns.

indieactivity : How important is marketing? Do you think a project can make any dent without it these days?
Franklin Eugene : The importance of marketing cannot be understated. The people you want to know about you film, will not know about it without targeted marketing.

indieactivity : Tell us about the marketing activities on the project – and how it’s gone for you?
Franklin Eugene : We drew up a comprehensive marketing plan to hit our target markets on the indie circuit, the festival circuit, digital/social media, and other industry circuits. Part of the marketing plan also involved increasing general public awareness of the feature.

indieactivity : What do you hope audiences get from your film?
Franklin Eugene : I hope they are as moved as I was by the title character’s extraordinary human grace. The fundamental take away from this fantastic motion picture is the nature and extent to which common, every day folk risked literally everything including their lives to fight for what is right- indeed, as the song goes “to fight for the right without question or pause- to be willing to march- march in to hell for the heavenly cause.” We need that same kind of human grace right now all over the world.

indieactivity : What else have you got in the works?
Franklin Eugene : I do not discuss my projects until they are publicly revealed.

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