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Blast off to the Mun and beyond in Kerbal Space Program 2, coming soon to PS4


Hello! I’m Nate Simpson, Creative Director at
Star Theory Games, and I’m excited to finally share some details about our
upcoming game, Kerbal Space Program 2 — the sequel to the smash-hit original
rocket crashing– I mean, rocket-building game! 

As in the first game, Kerbal Space Program 2
challenges you to explore a realistically-simulated universe by designing,
building, and launching rockets farther and farther into the Kerbolar System.

The sequel’s scope extends far beyond the
original game’s single planetary system, however, providing you with advanced
technologies to create interstellar colony ships capable of flying to all-new
stars and planets. As you explore a host of exotic celestial bodies, you’ll use
the brand new colony system to build surface and deep-space bases from which to
launch missions even deeper into the unknown. 

If you’re a newcomer to Kerbal, welcome aboard!
Kerbal Space Program is a spaceflight simulation game in which you design and
launch vehicles to carry little green astronauts to far-flung celestial bodies,
no two of which are the same. Just getting to orbit can be an adventure,
demanding creative solutions to gravitational, aerodynamic, and navigational hurdles.

As you explore these new worlds, you collect
research data to unlock more advanced technologies, allowing you to venture
even farther into the cosmos. In this game, there’s always an unexplored

As you advance your space program, failure isn’t
only an option — it’s mandatory! Thankfully, it’s also hilarious. And while we
believe that beautiful explosions are a great teaching tool, we’ve augmented
the experimentation/iteration loop with a new tutorial process that uses
context-aware animations to teach new concepts in an intuitive way.

Existing fans need not fret! The game itself
hasn’t gotten any easier, but we believe that a smoother first-time user
experience allows us to share the magic diamond of awesomeness at the center of
this game with a lot more of our friends and family.

We’ve also worked hard to make sure that as we
venture into future technologies, we continue the Kerbal tradition of rooting
our parts in real science. We’ve consulted with subject-matter experts in areas
like propulsion and astrophysics, with the goal of putting together an
exciting-yet-plausible combination of interesting destinations and
face-imploding engine technologies. If you’ve ever wanted to dabble in metallic
hydrogen or nuclear pulse propulsion (and who hasn’t?), you’re going to be very

Your expansion into deep space will be
facilitated by an all-new colony system that allows you to build structures
on-site, using either collected resources or pre-assembled modular components
brought by colony vessels.

These can be built on the ground or in orbit —
and, as the population of each colony grows, the list of available colony parts
increases. Once it’s mature, a colony can construct its own Vehicle Assembly
Building to create new spacecraft! Once they’re rocket factories, colonies
become valuable stepping stones across interplanetary (and eventually
interstellar) space.

Kerbal Space Program 2 brings new features, new
parts, new technologies, and new worlds —all of which we’ll be talking about
more in the coming months. Stay tuned for our launch in Spring 2020! For the
time being, feel free to check out our website, follow us on Twitter, subscribe on YouTube, become a fan on Facebook, and get ready to mount some more Mun rescues,
because things are about to get wild.

Let’s see … I think that’s all for now. Oh!
Also, we’re working on multiplayer. 

Hey, look at the time! Gotta go!

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