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Watch a cute, weapon-wielding monkey battle bugs in trailer for upcoming PS4 platformer Tamarin


Have you ever seen a tamarin?

Have you ever watched a cool animal and thought, wouldn’t it be so much fun if I could do that?

In Tamarin, you get to be a cute, little, agile monkey that leaps through beautiful forests, fjords and mountains.

But have you seen a real tamarin? What’s special about them is not just how adorable they look, but how they have such energy as they leap.

Ever since the game’s development started in 2013, we wanted to bring this feeling to your fingertips through tight, dynamic controls.

Alternating gameplay – how does that work?

The gameplay structure throws you into a varied and surprising experience by alternating between two styles of play:

First, you have action areas that play like a third person shooter. Running on two legs, the tamarin gets to hold weapons and throw sharp shurikens. The intensity and action builds up as insect enemies work in groups and create formations in the air. As you head into the forest, an army of ants intelligently hide and ambush as they attack you.

But once the tamarin gives away his weapons, he is free to turn into the animalistic creature that he is. The little furball can roll, flip, swim, jump, sneak and so on through the open 3D landscape as he stumbles upon friends and enemies. If you’re looking for the feel of adventure and 3D platforming, this is it!

But what’s most enjoyable, is doing what tamarins do best: leaping through the air at high speed, finding new places to go, or catching something that is just about to slip away. That comes to good use when the tamarin encounters electric fireflies buzzing around – mysteriously uneager to get caught. Using their electric powers, you unlock the key to finding the ants’ secret underground tunnels.

What are we doing to nature?

Tamarin is about nature, traveling the world, and seeing wildlife and new locations. There are so many beautiful places in the world. These days, fires are burning down huge forests and a lot of species are going extinct. The game has a deeper meaning if you can find it.
In a world of dancing ants and a web of passageways holding together the interconnected world of Tamarin, surprise is always around the corner. Watch out for dancing ants!

Leaving the open forests that the insects have invaded and going deep down, he faces the fight of his life to save nature and his missing tamarin family.

Tamarin will be available Q4 2019 on PS4!

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