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The Female Directed Russian Horror, “Murder Girl” in pre-production

Diana Galimzyanova will direct Ekaterina Dar in her new feature Murder Girl
Ekaterina Dar_indieactivity
Ekaterina Dar is a Russian actress in Murder Girl (Dir. by Diana Galimzyanova)

Murder Girl is a new feature from the award-winning Russian filmmaker Diana Galimzyanova. Murder Girl has kicked off pre-production a months a go. This Russian horror-comedy feature is written by Diana Galimzyanova that is starring Ekaterina Dar.

It tells the story about a narcissistic serial-killer, who is also a blogger. And she must get rid of a stalker that terrorizes her before he reveals a secret that could destroy her popularity and before he kills her.

The story has already started to unfold as the filmmakers began to post YouTube Vlogs run by a protagonist of the film and released a prequel music video called “Murder Girl: Counting Rhymes.

The film is written and will be directed by Diana Galimzyanova, whose previous works include award-winning Russian film noir The Lightest Darkness.

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Diana Galimzyanova is a filmmaker and video artist based in Moscow, Russia. Her award-winning short films were accepted to more than 70 festivals in 20 countries, and her art pieces have been a part of group exhibitions in multiple countries. Her latest short script “A Fangirl” is a finalist in several competitions. Her award-winning debut feature film, the first ever female-directed Russian film noir with reverse chronology, The Lightest Darkness (2017) is now on the festival circuit.

Ekaterina Dar_indieactivity
A first look at Ekaterina Dar in Diana Galimzyanova’s “Murder Girl”

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