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Academy Award Winner Kim Magnusson’s Short “The Confirmation”, The Story of a Transgender Teen’s Struggles


The Confirmation is producer and multiple Academy Award winner Kim Magnusson and first time Director Marie-Louise Damgaard’s live action short. The Confirmation not only introduces transgender actor Xean Peake, it shares the story of a transgender teen’s struggles. This topical film premiered at Inside Out Film Festival in Toronto and went on to play at other film festivals.

It’s the big day of Mathias‘ confirmation. The Danish tradition where young people say yes to being a Christian and enter adulthood. Mathias is transgender and just wants to be a normal teenage boy. His mother does everything to protect him, but who is this day really about?

Actor/Director Marie-Louise Damgaard studied acting at the prestige’s Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute, in New York, going on to act in several films. After taking Anna Emma Haudal’s script writing course, she wrote her first manuscript The Confirmation (Danish title: Konfirmanden). She reached out to Kim Magnusson, of M&M Productions, who saw potential in her story and decided to take a chance on a first-time writer and director. Since Marie-Louise’s debut on the other side camera, she has gone on to do several other projects; both as a director and 1st AD and she’s currently working on a few other projects both with Kim and on her own.

Kim Magnusson is a prolific Danish producer and has produced or executive produced more than 130 films. He founded and owns M&M Productions. In 2010 he launched Dansk Film Kompagni to develop and produce high-end, commercial-driven films for the international market. His feature Last Witness was optioned by 20th Century Fox. His recent work includes producing Anders Walter’s first feature; I Kill Giants along with 1492, XYZ and Umedia. He Currently holds an output deal with Netflix for original films in the Nordic territory. Kim Magnusson has been Oscar® nominated in the Live Action Short Film category 6 times, and won the coveted award in 1999 for Election Night and in 2014 for Helium.

Stellar actress Ellen Hillingsø is a popular Danish actress known for shows like The Lawyer, The Bridge, The Protectors, as well as Susanne Bier’s Credo (Sekten) which earned her a Danish Film Academy Award and more.

The Confirmation has been selected for multiple high profile film festivals like Out on Film Atlanta, Seattle Queer Festival, Hamburg IQFF, Ojai short fest, and Chicago International Children’s Film Festival.

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