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‘A Million Eyes’ by Richard Raymond with Joe Morton & Katie Lowes Wins at Hollyshorts

A Million Eyes is also selected for the Raindance Film Festival
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Joe Morton in A Million Eyes (Dir. by Richard Raymond)

A Million Eyes shares the story of a young photographer, grappling with his mother’s alcoholism, who sets out to capture his own truth. The film introduces 13-year-old Elijah M. Cooper in his debut film role. Having only wrapped production this summer the film is already receiving rave reviews and won an Honorable Mention Award at Hollyshorts in the US and was selected for the Raindance Film Festival in the UK.

Emmy Award-winning lead actor Joe Morton says, “A Million Eyes” is a film about hope, growth, mentorship, and the legacy of artists, like Gordon Parks, who paved the way for today’s American artists of color.

Director Richard Raymond says, “A Million Eyes speaks to the importance of mentors in young children’s lives, especially those discovering their own artistic voices. It shows the significance that arts education can have on kids, especially in underfunded communities, and celebrates the importance of often overlooked voices.

Actress Katie Lowes says, “A Million Eyes shows us how valuable it is to guide a young artist to find his or her voice. And when that child feels supported, even in a small way, their whole world can change for the better.

Richard Raymond is a British film director, whose 2018 live-action short film, Souls of Totality was selected at 16 Oscar-qualifying Film Festivals, winning the Best Grand Jury Award at Hollyshorts, the Best Short Film of the Festival at Raindance, the Best Film of the Festival at St. Louis and the Most Popular Film at Rhode Island. Richard is currently preparing to shoot the feature film One Thousand Paper Cranes, starring Evan Rachel Wood.

Katie Lowes is best known for her role as Quinn Perkins in the ABC political drama series Scandal. Joe Morton is a well-loved Emmy award-winning actor with a wealth of credits including Scandal and The Good Wife. A Million Eyes introduces 13-year-old Elijah M. Cooper who will also star in the feature thriller Live! alongside Aaron Eckhart.

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A Million Eyes Poster

Producer Josh Reinhold was previously executive produced the Netflix original film Step Sisters. The talented cinematographer Jarin Blaschke was listed as one of Variety’s 10 Cinematographers to Watch in 2015 and recently completed The Lighthouse, which was named the Best Movie at Cannes’ Critics Week and Directors’ Fortnight by the International Federation of Film Critics (FIPRESC).

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