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The American Turkish Society Presents The 17th Annual New York Turkish Film Festival


The American Turkish Society will present the 17th Annual New York Turkish Film Festival (NYTFF) from Thursday, December 12th – Sunday, December 15th at the SVA Theatre in Chelsea, New York.

This year’s festival will present a unique selection of films to represent the festival theme: “Contemporary Struggles.” The festival will kick off with Noah Land which won Best Screenplay and Best Actor at the Tribeca Film Festival and screen nine other incredible films throughout the four days.

The festival lineup will include Butterflies, Saf, La Belle Indifference and Belonging; short films Stone, Green, Pandora’s Box and Interference; and a documentary, Ovacık .

A selection of special post-screening Q&As will be held after each screening with some of the films’ actors, directors and producers as well as industry professionals and special guests including Noah Land’s Producer Alp Ertürk and Actress Hande Doğandemir; Saf ’s Director Ali Vatansever with Assistant Professor of International Affairs at The New School, Everita Silina; La Belle Indifference’s Lead Actor and Stone’s Director and Producer Alican Yücesoy; Butterflies’ Producer Diloy Gülün; Belonging’s Producer Selman Nacar; Green’s Director Suzanne Andrews Correa and Producer Mustafa Kaymak; Pandora’s Box s Director and Writer Irmak Taşındı, Producer Chloe Na and Lead Actress Noelle Lake; Interference’s Co-Director and Lead Actress Rüya Koman, Co-Director and Writer Robin Rose Singer, Lead Actor Michael Chenevert, and Supporting Actress Rissa Davis; and Ovacık’s Director Ayşegül Selenga Taşkent with Professor of Film and award-winning documentary filmmaker and, Sarah Elder.

NYTFF: Further Details and Ticket Information

“This year’s NYTFF theme “Contemporary Struggles” reflect the times we live in; of constant change, of continuous tensions, in times where building walls and barriers seems like the answer to pressing issues. Yet, problems can only be solved through dialogue and cinema can be a strong and beautiful tool to create that dialogue” said The American Turkish Society Co-Chairs, Lawrence M. Kaye and A. Ümit Taftalı.

Founded in 1949 by a group of visionaries, The American Turkish Society is the oldest American institution dedicated to building bridges between the United States and Turkey. Celebrating their 17th year, the New York Turkish Film Festival (NYTFF) has become one of the leading film festivals in New York. Screening more than 300 films and reaching audiences of over 25,000, the New York Turkish Film Festival brings the best of Turkey’s film industry to NYC.

Addressing the strong belief that film bridges cultures and illuminates the universality of the human experience, the festival strives to create a broad audience for programs that highlight Turkish arts and culture.

17th New York Turkish Film Festival (NYTFF) Screening Schedule

Thursday, December 12
5:30 pm: Opening Night Reception
7:15 pm: Screening of Noah Land / Nuh Tepesi
Post-screening Q&A with Alp Ertürk (Producer) and Hande Doğandemir (Actress)

Friday, December 13
6:15 pm: Screening of Saf
Post-screening Q&A with Ali Vatansever (Director) and Everita Silina (Assistant Professor of International Affairs at The New School)

Saturday, December 14

12:00 pm: Screening of Butterflies / Kelebekler
Post-screening Q&A with Diloy Gülün (Producer)

3:15 pm: Screening of short film Stone / Taş
Post-screening Q&A with Alican Yücesoy (Director & Producer)

4:10 pm: Screening of short film Green
Post-screening Q&A with Suzanne Andrews Correa (Director) and Mustafa Kaymak (Producer)

6:00 pm: Screening of La Belle Indifference / Küçük Şeyler
Post-screening Q&A with Alican Yücesoy (Lead Actor)

Sunday, December 15
2:30 pm: Screening of Belonging / Aidiyet Post-screening Q&A with Selman Nacar (Producer)

5:00 pm: Screening of short film Pandora’s Box
Post-screening Q&A with Irmak Taşındı (Director & Writer), Chloe Na (Producer) and Noelle Lake (Lead Actress)

6:00 pm: Screening of short film Interference
Post-screening Q&A with Rüya Koman (Co-director & Lead Actress), Robin Rose Singer (Co-Director & Writer), Michael Chenevert (Lead Actor), Rissa Davis (Supporting Actress).

7:15 pm: Screening of Ovacık
Post-screening Q&A with Ayşegül Selenga Taşkent (Director) and Sarah Elder (Professor of Film at SUNY Buffalo)

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