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3D puzzle platformer Treasure Rangers, out on PS4 next week, shines a light on autism


Treasure Rangers is a single player 3D puzzle solving action platformer, in which the player will need to switch between different characters, each with their unique powers.

As well as being a game developer I am a father of three, my older child being an eleven years old kid with autism. That’s why I always wanted to face the challenge of creating a fun game including a character with ASD. If you embrace the differences and value diversity, then you are ready to join the Treasure Rangers!

Something strange is happening in the neighbourhood, as big holes are appearing everywhere. This is a mystery for the Treasure Rangers to solve! Surprisingly enough, when they go throughout the holes and into the caves they obtain super powers thanks to an ancient energy beneath!

Now it’s time to introduce the heroes of the gang.


Lucy’s biggest hobby is geology and when she enters the depth of the caves beneath the neighbourhood, she gathers the power of stones with which she can turn any member of the crew into a stone statue and also push heavy stone blocks to open new paths or solve puzzles.

Treasure Rangers on PS4


Eric’s powers are all about nature and plants. He can swim really well and is the only one in the gang that can dive, allowing him to find secret passages underwater. But his most powerful skill is to dash thanks to a wave of leaves he can create.

Treasure Rangers on PS4


When Roxy enters the caves, she obtains the power of rock and roll! Now she can use her spirit guitar for a variety of actions such as using it to play a mid-air riff allowing her to double jump and reach higher platforms.

Treasure Rangers on PS4


Randy loves to listen to his favourite music and play videogames, but the things he loves most are eating chicken nuggets with fries and going out with his sister Lucy on adventures! He is also a non-verbal child with autism. When Randy walks near symbols or different patterns, thanks to his great memory, he has the ability to remember them and use them later to solve puzzles or open doors. Also, if he uses a huge bouncing mushroom as a trampoline he will be the one jumping higher, so he can reach places others can’t.

Treasure Rangers on PS4

On the other hand, he refuses to enter zones with loud noises so they must be cleared out first. Light blue butterflies make him lose focus making him stand still watching them, so the other members of the crew will need to withdraw these stimuli to proceed.

Treasure Rangers on PS4

This single player game is all about teamwork and taking decisions on when to use a particular character in order to reach each level´s exit. Also, expect enemies to block your way and don’t be surprised if you encounter big bosses in your mission to save the neighborhood.

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