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Legendary enemies, character perks and more await in ReadySet Heroes’ new co-op Survival mode, out today


Hi PlayStation fans! The ReadySet Heroes team has been hard at work on an all-new Survival mode that I’m excited to finally tell you all about.

Survival is a cooperative PvE mode with game-to-game progression and unlocks. And for the first time in ReadySet Heroes, four players can fight together on the same team! Best of all, the update is out today!

Survival mode

Survival takes place in new, larger dungeon rooms created specifically for this mode. Players fight waves of enemies in each room until reaching Treasure Time where they can equip new weapons and armour before moving deeper into the dungeon.

The goal is to clear as many rooms as you can of enemies. The game ends when an entire team falls before Treasure Time. It only takes one teammate to survive and revive everyone in the next room. So be careful when timing your attacks and dodges. Go too slow though, and you’ll feel the pain.

The more time you spend in a game of “Survival”, the more difficult the enemies become, scaling in both health and damage.

Perks and character levels

To take on these stronger enemies, you’ll have to make use of the new perks and character levels. Perks are bonuses that you equip before each game. They can increase your chances of finding epic and legendary treasure, letting you deal more damage with certain types of weapons, reviving your teammates, or even dealing a critical hit.

The number of perks you can equip depends on the level of your character. The more you play with certain characters and perks, the stronger they’ll become. Higher level characters begin with more shards, so higher stats.

ReadySet Heroes on PS4

Each character has their own strengths and weaknesses in their shard distribution. And higher level perks increase the power of the bonus they apply.

Level up your characters and perks to make it deeper and deeper into the dungeon. You also unlock new perks as you play, with over 50 in all.

Legendary enemies

ReadySet Heroes on PS4

There is one more thing standing between you and Treasure Time: legendary enemies. We’ve added new tough variations of enemies that are bigger and stronger than their common counterparts. The deeper you go, the more likely you are to run into some of these guys. And watch out when you do. They can’t be knocked back and their attacks can’t be interrupted. You’ll have to master your arsenal to take them down.

Set up a Friends Only game

ReadySet Heroes on PS4

Survival can be played solo, split screen, and online*. And this mode has a new Friends Only feature, which allows you to launch a private online game with your friends without needing to launch matchmaking.

Finally, if you’re playing ReadySet Heroes in split screen, you can turn on the character levels and perks from Survival mode and use them in Crawl n’ Brawl mode!

Trial Weekend

We’ve got some more plans for ReadySet Heroes in December, including a weekend to play ReadySet Heroes for free from 19th December to 23rd December (PlayStation Plus won’t be required to play online multiplayer as a part of the free trial) to give new players a taste of the action.

As always, see you in the dungeons!

*Internet connection and PlayStation Plus membership (sold separately) required for online multiplayer.

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