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Return to Skyrim with The Elder Scrolls Online’s latest expansion, launching later this year


For the first time since The Elder Scrolls Online’s launch, Tamriel’s adventurers will be able to explore the snow-covered lands of Skyrim once again with the announcement of an all-new Chapter, The Elder Scrolls Online: Greymoor.

This new Chapter, coming to PlayStation 4 on 2nd June, is a major part of the brand-new Dark Heart of Skyrim year-long story that begins with the Harrowstorm dungeon DLC in March and continues throughout the entire year.

Greymoor takes you to the region of Western Skyrim. Not only will this new zone allow you to explore the cold wilderness that surrounds the city of Solitude, but it also provides an opportunity to explore the massive underground region of Blackreach.

The Elder Scrolls Online on PS4
Whatever your experience was with this part of Tamriel during your adventures in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, you’ll find the Western Skyrim of ESO, some 1000 years before the events of TESV, a familiar but different land from the one you’ve explored previously, filled with new quests, delves, world bosses, and more.

In this new Chapter, you will take part in a massive year-long story and help the besieged Nords investigate the emergence of horrific supernatural events called harrowstorms. Monstrous vampires and other dark beasts have emerged from the depths below Solitude, and it is up to you to put a stop to these dark events and discover the ancient evil at their heart.

This new Chapter also introduces a new system, Antiquities, that allows you to scry and uncover ancient relics from all over the continent. As a would-be archeologist, you shall unearth fantastic new items and collectibles in your quest to discover Tamriel’s hidden history.

The Elder Scrolls Online on PS4
As part of the Dark Heart of Skyrim year-long adventure, the story you experience in the Greymoor Chapter (and the Harrowstorm DLC before it) will be a part of a major storyline that continues throughout the entirety of 2020. Of course, Greymoor’s storyline is a complete adventure in its own right, and how you choose to play each new release in 2020 is entirely up to you!

An ancient evil has awoken beneath the frozen lands of Western Skyrim, and an epic new year-long adventure beckons to Tamriel’s champions. It’s time to face the darkness that now marches forth from Blackreach—Skyrim needs heroes!

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