Groundbreaking music documentary rocks the history of classical composer!


    Modern science and classical music collide to uncover the truth in WRITTEN BY MRS BACH: BROKEN SILENCE, a daring investigation into whether some of Johann Sebastian Bach’s most famous works were composed by his second wife, Anna Magdalena.

    Following its acclaimed release in the UK, this highly important and eye-opening documentary will be released on digital download in the United States and via Amazon Prime in all other English-speaking territories on 28th January 2020.

    Over the past 30 years some works previously attributed to Johann Sebastian Bach have been re-attributed to other composers, barely causing a ripple in the placid waters within the classical music landscape. However, when accomplished academic, musician and forensic document examiner, Professor Martin Jarvis of Darwin University, dares to suggest evidence exists advocating the great maestro’s wife as a serious contender for recognition, the reaction of the Bach orthodoxy is swift and fierce and access to key research materials is denied.

    WRITTEN BY MRS BACH: BROKEN SILENCE asks why such a misogynistic attitude persists in the 21st century and sets out the case for Anna Magdalena Bach.

    Professor Martin Jarvis, on whose book the film is based, said “How cruel that people willingly accept a five-year-old Amadeus Mozart composing great ‘masterpieces’ – yet to suggest Anna Magdalena could do the same at 12-years-old is treacherous heresy. No doubt if I had proclaimed J. S. Bach’s son, Carl Emmanuelle, had written the Cello suites, nobody would have batted an eyelid – simply because he was a man!”

    Forensic document examiner, Professor Heidi Harralson, who worked to prove Professor Martin Jarvis’ pioneering research is key to the scientific findings of this documentary. Harralson’s work on Bach manuscripts generated international acclaim, but she was also part of the team behind the verification of the Dead Sea Scrolls and Kurt Cobain’s alleged suicide note.

    British Pianist and Entrepreneur, Myleene Klass who is also featured in the film, commented “They say that behind every great man is a great woman, yet not many could have foreseen Mrs Bach’s role as potential composer for the Genius, Johann. This story is as controversial as it is fascinating.”

    WRITTEN BY MRS BACH: BROKEN SILENCE is directed by BAFTA-winning Alex McCall (The Boy David) and produced by Pamela Kaufman (The Visit). The film’s Cinematographer is Douglas Campbell, was edited by Richard Vint with production design by Victoria Brown. The cast includes Melissa Tennant as Anna Magdalena Bach, David Ferns as Johann Sebastian Bach and Heidi Elfriede as Young Anna Magdalena Bach in dramatic reconstructions.

    Contributors to WRITTEN BY MRS BACH: BROKEN SILENCE include: World renowned British female Composer, Sally Beamish; Professional Cellist, Attilia Kiyoko Cernitori, who performed at the World premiere in BAFTA in London and the 12-year old Composer, Alma Deutscher.

    Running time: 83 mins
    Language: English

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