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Private & Skype Coaching Taught by Actress & Producer Jaqueline Fleming

Jaqueline Fleming is an Acting Coach, Actress and Producer

Jaqueline Fleming is an established actress and film producer as well as a former talent agent and manager. She has worked as an actress in theatre, commercials, film and television since she was a kid. She owned a successful acting studio and talent agency for a decade and discovered coached and mentored countless aspiring actors into working actors. She received a trail blazer award in 2014 for her artistic impact on the youth in Louisiana.

I have always had a passion for helping the aspiring actor and have discovered a lot of people over the years. The actors I have mentored and coached over the course of the past 15 years are living out their dreams on TV and film. I have hundreds of success stories from kids to adults. It doesn’t matter what part of the country you live in i can coach and mentor you into a working actor.

As an acting coach I’m going to give you that competitive edge as an actor as well as empower you with information and an understanding of the entertainment business so you can succeed. It will be one of the absolute best investments you have ever made toward your dreams. I am going to give you a boat load of actor information and teach you a winning technique to break your acting material down so you create authentic interesting characters and memorable auditions that win roles. I have a lot of success stories with young adults and so many with kids as well. I have a technique that gets results and my kids are working on TV and in the movies. They are on fire!

On top of that I have a circle of respected colleagues and friends that are celebrity actors, working actors, producers, directors, casting directors, talent agents and entertainment attorneys. So not only will you get my wisdom but you will get the wisdom and resources they passed down to me.

From this moment forward you have nothing to lose and everything to gain! Look forward to working with you. You can reach me below to set up a consultation to discuss your actor goals.

In Person Private Coaching Session
$100 for an hour
10 Session Package $750 for a savings of $250

Via Skype
$75 an hour
10 Session Package $500 for a savings of $250

No Refunds
No Pro Rating
Cancellations are accepted 24 Hrs. in advance
All Talent Must Be Prepared and Off Book If Possible

Jaqueline Fleming
email: jaqsactingstudio@yahoo.com
Tel: 8187936330
IG: @iamjaquelinefleming

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