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Behind the Craft: Novartis – Keep it Pumping


In collaboration with Havas Lynx, we were briefed to create three thirty second commercials – featuring anatomical model hearts and human characters to represent various areas of active, healthy lifestyles – to promote the positive impact of using Novartis’ Entresto medication.


Travellers shows us a group of elderly friends on their travels around a heart-shaped representation of Earth. The key message here was ‘friendship’. I liked the idea of showing two couples travelling from destination to destination using the rotation of the globe as a means of getting them from one country to another.

At the start of this film, the camera flies towards what we think is earth; the clouds above and below shroud the aortas. We didn’t want to show it was a heart in the first instance, and so revealed it in the middle of the film. We decided to have different lighting states for each location to show a passage of time. From blue skies to deep sunrise and then to a blossom pink infused dusky backdrop for the final scene.

As a large percentage of the globe heart is water we really focused on creating a bespoke stylised texture for the sea with its glistening waves and ripples as the dolphins break through the water. It’s quite cinematic as the camera glides over head, up onto the grass banks and through the blossom trees to the next scene.


Kite featured a grandfather, his granddaughter and their dog flying a kite on a beautiful meadow style heart. As the sun sets, the camera races over lush grass to reveal the trio enjoying an unforgettable family moment together. Grandfather launches the kite, then encourages and passes his kite flying skills on to his granddaughter. We wanted to convey a playfulness in this film and the excited dog leaping up and down trying to bite the kite does just that.

Getting a realistic, landscaped texture for the meadow heart was quite a challenge. We mixed a variety of grass textures, of all differing lengths and shades of green, bushes, tufts and a mixture of wild flowers. Some areas of the meadow were lit to have that glistening, dewy feel which really adds to the realism.


Disco featured a mirror-ball style heart with an elderly couple dancing to a mid to down tempo disco groove. This film needed to convey ‘togetherness’ and enjoyment with your partner, sharing a moment whilst being active. We needed to be very mindful of the amount of movement and energy our characters should have, and the kind of moves patients watching these films would be able to achieve. We needed to strike the right balance of aspiration and realism for our target audience.

When storyboarding, we watched Saturday Night Fever and Strictly Come Dancing re-runs to get inspiration for good camera angles and moves. Luckily, a mirror ball is constantly rotating so this worked in our favour to achieve some lovely graceful and dynamic camera moves. The mirror reflections also created some great abstract effects, which really add to the glitzy nightclub ambience.

Our mission was to give all three films their own strong individual identity, and for each one to evoke a positive and uplifting message. Our hope for these films is to encourage patients to introduce more activity into their lives and start doing the things they enjoy with the ones they love.

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