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The Mythological Approach to ‘1000 Kings’ by Bidzina Kanchaveli

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Bidzina Kanchaveli is a writer and director of 1000 Kings or 1000 Könige (2019)

Bidzina Kanchaveli talks to us about his process…

1000 KÖNIGE of 1000 Kings is about 1000 people live encaged in an immense space and can only be distinguished from one another by their different social positions, as in a beehive. The inhabitants’ only goal is to produce light. But only one of them has this ability. For this he is admired and exploited, until he makes a fatal decision.

indieactivity : What is your Film about?
Bidzina Kanchaveli : You can’t really define it that easily, because everyone who watches the movie will interpret it in their own way and draw different conclusions. However, in essence of the movie shows a parallel world that has its own laws and rules. It has its own moral, ethics and exists before everything else and it is the origin of the world and universe as we know it. It’s like looking at the world through the most powerful microscope that you can imagine, even smaller than atoms or molecules showing the most elemental particles.

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indieactivity : How did you develop ‘your film’?
Bidzina Kanchaveli : Writing the story and script was a long process. I had the idea in my mind for a very long time. I had an impulse to show and tell about something unknown and unattainable, something that’s almost godlike and creative. The world in the film displays a strangeness and evokes a new and unknown emotion in the viewer that he/she hasn’t experience before, which could be a mix of fear, fascination, shock and epiphany.

indieactivity : What was your rehearsal process and period?
Bidzina Kanchaveli : In comparison to the post-production the rehearsal process and period were not that intricate. We were quite quick in finding a good team and actors. The actors did not only have to fit visually, but needed to be able to act in a particular and unique manner. This was very important, because the way the actors act had to fit the whole idea and aesthetic of the movie and we didn’t want to make any compromise with that.

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1000 Kings directed by Bidzina Kanchavli, produced by Pierre Durst stars Effi Rabsilber

So, in the end, we were able to put together a great team that was very motivated and excited about the project. Now that all the work is finished I have to say that I am very proud of the team and I’m so thankful for all their support. Especially with strange projects like these it is crucial to have an engaged and motivated team and I couldn’t have done it without them and of course the help of the producer Pierre Durst.

indieactivity : The film looks stunning. How did you get such a good look when shooting so fast?
Bidzina Kanchaveli : The actual shooting did not take long. We managed to finish within just 1 month. The post-production on the other hand took almost 9 years!

A good portion of this time was dedicated to the editing of the film’s aesthetics and adjusting everything to one coherent fit. Although the movie doesn’t look technically-complicated like a science fiction movie out of Hollywood for example, but it was very difficult. This was also because, especially those technical challenges were new to all of us.

The entire movie, its aesthetics and all the shapes that you see are based on mathematic calculations. Every object; every sphere flying through the screen, its course, direction and velocity is edited individually. Nothing happens at random, everything is calculated separately and there are no automations.

Like I said, maybe it doesn’t look so elaborate, but it was immensely complicated, because everything had to fit together perfectly. In the end it was like a house of cards, if a single piece falls, everything falls.

1000 Kings_indieactivity
1000 Kings directed by Bidzina Kanchavli, produced by Pierre Durst stars Effi Rabsilber

My aspiration with the aesthetics of the movie was to create something different, something new that hasn’t been there before and commit fully to this uncompromising style. It’s an unknown world, with its own aura and language. The vision for the aesthetic came from the idea and desire to create a world that is the beginning of everything.

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