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“La-Di-Da” Comedy Web-Series Premiere’s Online

Bianca Waechter creator of La-Di-Da

New York, NY – March 30, 2020 – The directors Pranav Kothary and Bianca Waechter are thrilled to finally release their series online. La-Di-Da premiered on November 21st 2019 at the Big Apple Film Festival at the Cinepolis Theatre to a sold-out theatre. “We were thrilled about the response we received at the festival,” says director Pranav Kothary. “This was a very special shoot. Everything the script had to offer in its elements of story; we captured, and that’s something I personally have never felt as a director after a shoot.

La-Di-Da is an episodic mockumentary comedy series about a young and delusional acting teacher. Maria Kurz, desperately trying to motivate her class. It’s a story about dreams. Broken dreams. And desperate search for appreciation. The first season has 5 episodes. The series will premiere online on Monday March 30th 6pm ET. Every day that week another episode will be released!!

You can find the series on its YouTube Channel

Director’s Statement
Ladida is a story about dreams. Broken dreams. We wanted to put on display a character whose sense of persona had been constructed by a strange dichotomy of meticulous care and blind imitation. We wanted her to desperately seek appreciation. We wanted to put her in a position where she faces her deepest insecurity, and we wanted her to happen upon an unexpected state of content. Most of all, we wanted to have as much fun with all of this as we could.

Director’s Disclaimer: “This is definitely not based on any real acting teachers.”

Bianca Waechter
New York, NY
Ph: +43 676 44 50 496

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