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In Bluebell Wood by Laura Ellen Wilson & Laura Saxon Excites Greatly


In Bluebell Wood, is a short 15 minute proof of concept film with a cast of 21-16 of which are children! As a fantasy/mystery/adventure film, it is aimed at family audiences and once complete, will be heading to film festivals worldwide. The script and poster have already been entered into many festivals of which they have been made official selections whilst also winning the Best Short Script at the Kosice International Monthly Film Festival.

In Bluebell Wood is suitable for family audiences and features a range of fantasy, adventure and mystery elements that will enchant the hearts of all ages. Set in a Scout Camp, ‘The Explorers’ head out into the wilderness for a weekend of fun survival skill training, but what they find when they arrive, is more than what they bargained for!

We have a fantastic mix of newcomers’ right through to established industry professionals who have joined the cast and crew, this will definitely be a film you don’t want to miss.

Having spent 10 years in the entertainment industry, Laura Ellen Wilson decided it was time for a new challenge. In Bluebell Wood was originally written as a showreel piece for several of our young actors. With the ideas building bigger than a short showreel script, Laura decided to continue the story and create a proof of concept for the feature length version (in which the script is currently in development).

Laura Ellen Wilson along with Laura Saxon and Saxon Productions are producing this fantastic film.

“In Bluebell Wood is an extremely exciting project of which I am looking forward to producing, directing and starring in. We already have a fantastic cast and crew, who it is a privilege to work alongside.” – Laura Saxon

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