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Face childhood fears in horror puzzler The Inner Child, out today on PS4


Playmind is really excited to announce That The Inner Friend launches on PS4 today.

The Inner Friend will guide you through an “Alice in Wonderland” type world where the player has to face many challenges and childhood fears. The player will have to deal with a heavy atmosphere, manage the tension, oppression and will have to accept to be vulnerable at certain moments.

But what is the synopsis of this game?

“Deep in a fragmented dreamscape led by a mysterious shadow. Horrible monsters stalk the Shadow’s memories; you’ll have to escape or fight them as you face obstacles and puzzles in the darkness of the Shadow’s mind.”

This game is a combination of horror and psychological games. Sometimes the player will have moments of respite where they will have to solve puzzles. Sometimes they will be chased by fears that they will have to face quickly in order to survive. Also the player will be going through multiple kinds of gameplay, all of them inspired by childhood games. For example, there is platforming on beds, hide and seek, marco polo and more.

The Inner Friend on PS4The Inner Friend on PS4


The player will face different fears that everyone may have experienced as a child. Whether it is the fear of hospitals, abandonment, the hairdresser or school, everyone can recognise themselves in these fears. But is the player capable of facing them?

In addition to going through these fears, the player will have to gain the confidence (not always easy) of a shadow in order to regain inner peace. Through the game the player will meet different artifacts to collect. They will have to have them all in order to unlock an achievement and a bonus scene.

The Inner Friend on PS4

Tip of the studio: Play it with headphones and a big screen if the player can because it is a very immersive experience.

So now, are you ready to face your childhood fears? Take a deep breath and deep dive in a whole new world.

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