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NIGHTFIRE: Watch The Extended Making Of Nightfire Movie. Go BTS

Brandon Benetton on the set of Nightfire

When an Italian filmmaker and Graduate of the USC School of Cinematic Arts co-wrote, produced and directed a Spy Thriller, Jeff Bezos’ Amazon Prime acquired by it. Released via High Octane under the title American Bullet, Nightfire is a beautiful action movie designed for action loving moviegoers.

Buckle up and travel behind the scenes with the cast and crew. Enter Real locations. Practical action. Go behind the scenes with the cast of #Nightfire starring Dylan Baker. Now streaming on Amazon Prime.

Synopsis: Two American agents are hired to retrieve military chips containing top-secret content. Their plan goes awry when an unexpected political prisoner (Emmy-nominee Dylan Baker) enters the picture.

NIGHTFIRE (2020) | Extended Making Of

NIGHTFIRE (2020) – “Practical Action” Featurette [HD]

Nightfire is an award-winning spy thriller produced by a team of students at Ithaca College, starring an international cast which also includes Bradley Stryker (Arrow), Lorenzo Pisoni, Becky Ann Baker (HBO’s Girls).

The film stars an international cast that includes Emmy-nominee Dylan Baker (Spider-man 2, Hunters), Bradley Stryker, Francesco Pannofino and Becky Ann Baker (HBO’s Girls).

Nightfire was screened in its early versions to establish its critical acclaim. It received a Heritage Award nomination by the American Society of Cinematographers (the highest cinematography recognition we could dream for), as well as 6 nominations at the Action on Film International Film Festival (Best Action Short, Best Action Sequence, Breakout Action Star, Best Supporting Actor, Best Villain, Best Special Effects) and one win (Best Visual Effects). The final movie has been submitted to SeriesFest for its festival premiere and the festival’s line-up will be announced soon

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