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Brianna Seamster wins the 2020 CTWR with her script Homebound

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Brianna Seamster is a writer and producer, known for Time-Busters (2019), Million Dollar Questions (2018) and The Problem with Evolution (2017).

HOMEBOUND, the script by Brianna Seamster puts her tops at Create the Writers Room. Breanna is announced as a winner of 2020 CTWR.

Born and raised in Southern California, Brianna Seamster found her love for storytelling and filmmaking during her middle school days, where she spent much of her time writing novels and scripts. When she ventured out into the job force within the film and TV industry, she took on gigs left and right: Intern for media production company Aero Films, Production Assistant for an independent feature with Lionsgate, Assistant at FX Networks, Grip for independent projects and Producer for features, short films and web series.’

At 25, Brianna has achieved a lot in her career, recently winning 2020 Create the Writers Room with her script HOMEBOUND. 19f Productions CEO Rickey Castleberry creates the contest, and the annual competition is a vehicle to help empower emerging writers while advancing the narrative to ‘write in color.’ Judges included Khalid Jordan from Warner Horizon, Mika Pryce from Radicle Act Productions, Lauren Hohman from Shondaland Audio, and Alicia Agramonte from Revelations Entertainment.

As part of the competition, entrants started by submitting a short script that they then produce into a one minute trailer within two weeks. Judges then announced a winner based off the trailer. As a winner, Brianna has the chance to pitch her script to executives at Warner Horizon, Radicle Act Productions, and Revelations Entertainment with the possibility of HOMEBOUND being greenlit. ​

Last year’s winner, Tiffany Parker entered into a co-production shopping agreement with Judge Mathis Productions / Telepictures with her winning project Plump!

HOMEBOUND is a half-hour single-camera situational oddball comedy in the style of Broad City that meets the gritty nature of Shameless. It is told through the eyes of struggling young adults of color trying to survive the 21st century being homeless and their daily quest to make ends meet in Los Angeles.

“I had no idea a colleague of mine was homeless. She would come to work and never miss a beat. One day she opened up to me and said she had been living in her car. In 2017, I started developing HOMEBOUND,” Brianna shared.

“Homeless people are people too, they laugh, they cry, and they have obstacles — they have lives. Some of you may have experienced homelessness or have people in your life that may have been homeless and don’t even know it. We often describe the homeless as a community. One thing I know about homelessness is that it doesn’t have one face. So, why not dive into that community — ​GIVE THEM A FACE?

“I have created and portrayed many different perspectives of homelessness within ​THIS SERIES AND YET FIND THE SILVER LINING OF HUMOR THAT IS LIFE AS WE KNOW IT,” she said.

In its second year, the Create the Writers Room initiative has a goal to further all necessary dialogue of diversity and inclusion while giving newcomers in the industry a platform to introduce their voice to the powerhouse producers, writers, and decision-makers.

Her advice to other aspiring writers and filmmakers, “this process proved to me how powerful a community is. In the film industry, we can’t do it alone. Especially as a young black female filmmaker, it is important to seek mentorship, to mentor, to collaborate, and to create unapologetically.”

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