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Mogul Partners with Canadian Film Festival supporting BIPOC creators

Asian Heritage Panel with BIPOC TV and Reelworld Film L-R: Melanie LePhan, Vivian Lin, Gabe Grey, Warren P. Sonoda, Samantha Wan moderated by Romeo Candido

BEVERLY HILLS, CA (June 6, 2020) We’re excited to announce our partnership with Reelworld Film Festival, a Canadian independent film festival, to work together and innovate new ways to support and nurture diverse talent in the film industry. Partnering with the Reelworld Film Festival supports Mogul’s mission of making Hollywood filmmaking more inclusive and accessible to anyone around the world. We are accomplishing this goal by building a first-of-its-kind technology platform for investing and participating in the financing and production of film projects.

Through this partnership, Mogul will be introduced to BIPOC creators participating in the Reelworld E20 incubation program, offering an additional avenue for financing their projects and cultivating closer relationships with distributors and sales agents within the Mogul community. We will also be encouraging BIPOC creators within our community to consider applying for the E20 program and the festival itself. This is an extremely positive development for the missions of both companies. For Reelworld, their mission is to showcase, give an opportunity to, and provide professional development to Indigenous and racially diverse filmmakers whose work sparks positive social change.

In light of recent events in the United States of America, Mogul has issued the following statement:

“Mogul stands with the black community and people of color, and recognizes that until they can truly live without fear, silence is simply not an option. We must hold ourselves accountable and interrupt the cycle of systemic racism that exists in our world through our daily actions and in the words we choose. We must seek to understand and strive for justice and respect, and to make each day less racist than the one before. Mogul continues to remain committed to create more transparency, inclusion and diversity in storytelling!”

Partnering with a Reelworld, who is celebrating their 20th year of empowering racially diverse Canadian talent, allows us to take a step in the right direction of providing equitable opportunity for any and all people across the world who want to participate in Hollywood filmmaking.

The Reelworld E20 program gives an opportunity to BIPOC artists. Reelworld handpicks a group of 20 emerging BIPOC media artists with gender parity out of hundreds of applicants. The artists will attend three days of workshops and receive mentorship from professionals interested in supporting independent work by BIPOC artists.

As a non-profit organization and charity, Tonya Williams, an award-winning actress from her role in The Young and the Restless TV series,  founded the festival in 2001 and the Reelworld Foundation in 2002 to give opportunity to racially diverse Canadian filmmakers and media artists. You can find more information about Reelworld and join their community on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.

Stay tuned for more announcements on what Mogul and Reelworld will do together.

I Am Mogul. We Are Mogul.

Mogul Productions, established 2019, is a blockchain-based film financier and production company with a presence in Canada, the United States of America and Europe.

The Mogul platform, which launched its beta product in mid-April, connects investors, film industry professionals and fans through technology that allows for transparent, global investment in film projects through blockchain, where fans can engage with each project throughout the entire lifecycle from financing through to production and distribution. Mogul’s mission is to provide inclusion, information and access to single-source global independent film financing, with a vision to become the future of film and the new gold standard across the industry for financing, production and profitability, employing a fan-first focus that aligns audiences with investors.

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