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Aardman Academy: Storyboarding blog – Sara Teramo


Last month’s Aardman Academy Storyboarding Workshop was exciting for me because I was able to be taught directly by a professional from Aardman – a studio I have always admired – while staying in London where I work as ConceptSara: a Creative, Concept Designer and Illustrator.

I had studied storyboarding years before in Central Saint Martin but it was invaluable for me to have feedback directly from tutor Sam Horton, who was able to bring up examples from the show he is working on. I also loved the idea to share a virtual class with other artists from all over the world – it was a chance too good to pass!


We were given many useful tips, but my favourite was the one about not being shy and act out the characters’ actions and voices for directors and editors when pitching! After all, that’s how storyboarding started: artists pinning drawings on the walls and acting emphatically the animated sequences, which is something that it is often lost when sending your work out digitally.


I was really glad to hear that at Aardman they appreciate when storyboard artists can act out their boards while presenting them. Sam was also really good at reminding us how many hats a storyboard artist has to wear: writer, actor, director and cameraman.

As a Creative, I believe, you should never stop learning. So I always keep my concept art and concept design skills fresh via professional online courses. Although real productions’ storyboarding examples and courses are harder to find.

As said, I attended a storyboarding course here in London before but it was more theoretical and broadly based on the theory of storyboarding for all media. I really appreciated this course because it was more specific, gave us hands-on real-studio work examples and had a more modern industry approach focused on an actual show production. 


While working on character designs and writing character centred stories, I’ve noticed how storyboarding crucial story beats can help to get the idea across and get a project greenlit. This course really helped me to refresh my storyboarding skills to do that.


In fact, I’m reintroducing storyboarding in the services I offer and find that your course really puts me in the best position to help create the best stories yet. You’ll soon be able to see brand new concept designs and storyboards on https://www.conceptsara.com/ and @conceptsara. I’ve some really interesting new stories coming up, so watch this space

Finally, I’d like to thank again Abbie Dubicki, Sam Horton, Nick Bazin and the rest of the Aardman Academy team for making this great storyboarding course possible!

Please keep helping people develop their passion for telling great stories!

Sara Teramo

aka ConceptSARA

The next Aardman Academy Storyboarding Workshop with Sam Horton takes place on 12th August. Register your interest here.

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