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Aardman Academy alumni blog: Sketch to Screen Model Making

Aardman Academy alumni Natalie Morrison explains what to expect from the five day Sketch to Screen Model Making workshop. As a die-Aard(man) fan, finding a course run by people working on Wallace & Gromit and Chicken Run was a ‘how fast can you take my payment’, sort of moment. From tearing open my model-making package […]

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‘Pinocchio’ hair and makeup make animals, humans, puppets – Los Angeles Times

Maria Pia Timo as a snail, Federico Ielapi as Pinocchio, and Alida Baldari Calab...

The AVOD Boom

Interesting times of late for our AVOD team! 2020 was the veritable rollercoaster; with fundamental changes in how we are able to promote and monetise content, and the broad impacts felt from the pandemic. In a complex year, to say the least, I am delighted how we at Aardman have come through it all, culminating […]

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Watch The Ghosts of Borley Rectory First Trailer!

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Too Close For Comfort: Theresa Russell in Bad Timing

The first movie that Nicolas Roeg and Theresa Russell made together, B...
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