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Rain World gets a physical PS4 release and adds new modes on 21st December


Hey everyone! We have lots of exciting Rain World news for you. We’re happy to announce that Rain World will be receiving a PlayStation content update on 21st December. This update includes new game modes and local multiplayer. The update will also be accompanied by a physical release through Limited Run games.

For those unfamiliar with Rain World: Rain World is a survival platformer inspired by the simplicity of 16-bit classics. You are a Slugcat, the world around you is full of danger, and you must face it — alone. Search for your missing family in a cruel world filled with predators ready to eat you on sight. Survive by eating, hibernating and navigating your way through a huge map of over 1,600 rooms. Rain World is filled with otherworldly beauty and countless mysteries that provide hours of exploration.


New game modes

Rain World is a game that challenges players’ survival skills against a cruel, uncaring ecosystem. We’ve added two new game modes to accommodate different play styles. We’ve added The Monk mode for players who prefer a slower, kinder experience. When playing as the Monk, there are fewer enemies and more food for your Slugcat. It’s less intense, but don’t expect it to be easy. This is still Rain World, after all!


Next up is The Hunter. The Hunter takes the Rain World experience a step further than the base game mode. The Hunter is for players who like the intensity and difficulty of Rain World and want even more. We’ve upped the amount of food required to hibernate and added unique enemies. For Souls-like players looking for a new challenge: look no further than The Hunter.


Multiplayer and Sandbox

Multiplayer prototypes of Rain World have existed for a while. We brought this feature to Steam last year and we’re now bringing it to PlayStation. Play with friends in a fully customisable arena that lets you choose everything from the types of monster, the level of monster aggression and amount of time before the dreaded rain destroys everyone. Once you’ve created the arena you’re ready to outwit and out-survive other Slugcats. Avoid monsters and eat as much food as you can, or, just stab your Slugcat friends with a spear. It’s up to you!


Multiplayer also doubles as Sandbox mode, where you can play alone in an arena of your creation. One of the most unique and entertaining aspects of Rain World are the interactions between monsters. These are rare, special occurrences within the game but they can be orchestrated by players in Sandbox mode. What happens when a Vulture and three sea monsters are in the same area? Now you can find out and with Rain World’s unique procedural generation, your games will never play the same way twice.


Physical edition

Last but certainly not least, we are thrilled to announce that we are partnering with Limited Run games to release a physical edition of Rain World PS4. Now you can showcase the game with its gorgeous jacket art in your home.

Rain World

In addition to the physical release, Black Screen records is also bringing us the soundtrack on Vinyl. Not to brag, but the soundtrack was named the best game soundtrack of 2017 by multiple outlets, so you don’t want to sleep on this. In other exciting Rain World merch news, Sanshee just restocked their long sold-out Slugcat plushies. If you don’t have one yet, get one now. They won’t be around forever.

If you’re thinking “wow that’s a lot of cool stuff I wonder if they’re making a collector’s edition” — you’re right: we’re also releasing a collector’s edition with Limited Run Games. The collector’s edition will include the game, an exclusive art print, a Slugcat plushie, and the vinyl soundtrack. The Limited Run pre-purchase period starts December 21. There will be limited copies of these available so set an alarm now!

Rain World

We can’t wait to share the content update and physical edition with PlayStation players. Rain World is available now from PlayStation Store. Save a Slugcat and play today!

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