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Dick Wilde 2 brings co-op, new weapons & more to PS VR when it launches next week


Our favourite exterminator extraordinaire returns in Dick Wilde 2, coming to PlayStation Store on 19th February.

Bolverk Games and PlayStack have been working tirelessly to create a rip-roaring adventure and hope you all enjoy the ride! Before we go live next week, we thought we would talk about some of our favourite new features in the game.

Dick Wilde 2

1. VR is more fun with friends

We regularly got feedback that people wanted to play Dick Wilde with a friend. We made sure that this was at the forefront of Dick Wilde 2. Players will be able to take on every single level and challenge in Dick Wilde 2 with a partner.

We think adding the co-op element has really changed how players tackle enemies. Does one of you use the heavy-hitting Mamba to deal out damage to oncoming threats while another uses the super sawn-off shotgun to destroy projectiles? Do you time your special power-ups for a boss fight or use it to conserve health as you go down the lake? Is one of you on the lookout for golden carps (which unlock extra content) or do you both go in guns blazing?

Dick Wilde 2

2. Giant enemy crabs

Being faced with a behemoth enemy is really intimidating and something that translates really well in VR. We spent a good amount of time creating different bosses for players to take down. It’s one of those things that’s amazing to experience in co-op, especially with a friend by your side.

Dick Wilde 2

3. Finding the right balance

One thing that we learned from the first game is that players were really divided on the hard difficulty; some people loved it, while others loathed it. We have worked on making sure that Dick Wilde 2 has a better difficulty curve that helps players learn how to play the game before throwing them in at the deep end. We also implemented special items (e.g extra crit damage) that can be purchased using currency you earned in-game to give that extra bit of help.

Dick Wilde 2

4. Hats, lots of em…

We know that everyone likes to look at their finest while they are in VR, so the team have made over twenty different hats for you and your friends to wear. We have everything from a classic British university classic of a roadside cone, through to a St Patrick’s Day hat. You will have to work to get the best headwear out there, as completing levels with better scores will get you these rewards.

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