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Expert tips for surviving jail-break adventure American Fugitive, out tomorrow on PS4


So, you busted out of jail. Great. Now what? Well, in a matter of minutes Redrock County is gonna be crawling with cops. First things first, ditch the penitentiary jumpsuit. I know they say orange is the new black or whatever, but you need to blend in. Grab a pair of overalls off that washing line over yonder, while the owner isn’t looking.

Looking positively local now, go see Dwayne. He’ll know what to do next, he always does. Least, when he’s sober.

Stayin’ alive

Seems you got things to do, leads to follow up on. Maybe you find the scum that murdered Dad. Maybe you will make them pay. But you’re gonna have to be smart about it. Draw too much attention and you’ll be right back in the slammer again, this time with guards who won’t turn their back. So that means either being sneaky or being fast. Your call.

Getting paid

Ain’t nothing free, not these days. You’re gonna need food, clothes, guns, and a decent set of wheels. There’s plenty of ways to earn cash around here. Fence stolen property, compete in time trials, run errands for the local crime gangs. Heck, you could just go hunting for hidden loot (metal detectors help). On the other hand, they say when people are afraid of you can do anything.

American Fugitive

Payback time

Keep your eyes on the task at hand. It’s easy to get distracted in a place like Redrock, and we all like to let our hair down from time to time. But remember why you’re here, and not on some beach in Mexico. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. Trust no-one and nothing, except maybe your instincts. Everyone’s crooked in this town, especially the cops. Stay sharp, because when the opportunity for payback comes, you might not get a second chance…

American Fugitive

Here are some top tips for surviving and thriving as a fugitive in Redrock County:

Survival tips


  1. Virtually everything you steal can be fenced at the pawn shop.
  2.  Trespassing on private property will alert residents, but only if they see you.
  3. Bodies will alert residents. Hide them.
  4. Breaking and entering is a lot easier with the keys. If you see someone coming out of their house, chances are they’ve got a set on them.
  5. When holding up a store, take some serious hardware otherwise they might laugh in your face.
  6. Fine art is worth a hefty price.
  7. Gossip is rife in small towns. Use it to your advantage.
  8. ‘Restraining’ residents and store-owners is kinder than hurting them.
  9. House-owners often leave cash lying around their house.



  1. All vehicles have different strengths and weaknesses. Experiment with them all!
  2. You can buy cars with your cell-phone.
  3. Muscle cars have some serious grunt, but cornering takes practice. Find a Sedan to start with.
  4. The Armadillo Buggy is perfect for cross-country, but doesn’t offer much protection.
  5. The Tow Truck is really useful for getting rid of chasing cops. Swing them around like a wrecking ball.
  6. The Tow Truck is also very good at taking out target vehicles – simply hook them up then drive into the river.
  7. The Hotrod is as fast as a rocket, but very twitchy.
  8. The train can be a great way to lose pursuers… if your timing is perfect.


  1. Shooting civilians will bring heat. Shooting cops will bring real heat.
  2. You can buy guns with your cell-phone.
  3. Shotguns are deadly from close range.
  4. Always reload before a firefight. You don’t wanna be caught changing clips under fire!
  5. Holster your weapon unless you want to draw attention.
  6. SWAT police wear armour. Very useful if you can get it.



  1. Hot meals will heal you more than snacks.
  2. Key your eyes open. Cash can sometimes be found on the street.
  3. Need a fast exit? Jump on the train.
  4. Can’t find a change of clothes? Go au naturel.
  5. There’s a ‘Follow Camera’ mode in the options.
  6. Metal detectors are a great way of finding buried loot.
  7. Completing missions is the fastest way to make big money.

I hope that all these tips will come in handy and that you’ll make the most of the gameplay.See you on the outside on 21st May!

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