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Journey to the Savage Planet release date confirmed, co-op play detailed


Your Journey to the Savage Planet is about to launch! So please take a moment in your hectic schedule, pick up a large, red marker, purchase a physical calendar for the first time since the ’90s and then circle this date: 28th January 2020.

It may sound futuristic, but it’s just around the corner, meaning that in a scant few months you will be fired spaceward with little more than a collection of loosely aligned hopes and dreams, to help Kindred Aerospace find a future home for humanity. If you survive. But I’m sure you’ll survive.

If that sounds a little terrifying to an unseasoned explorer, then fear no more! We are pleased to announce that you can bring a friend along for the mission. That’s right, Journey to the Savage Planet supports two-player co-op. The team here at Typhoon has a long commitment to co-op play, and we especially love the intimacy of you and your best friend murmuring earnestly to each other over a headset while exploring our weird and wonderful world.

We’ve had our time building custom co-op challenges in the past, but with Savage Planet we just wanted to open the toybox and let you figure out how to tackle everything. So play the whole thing together, call in a friend for a particularly tricky bit, or just solo the whole game and experience it exactly the way you want without anyone else chattering inanely in your ear. It’s up to you.

And while we’re talking about it, you early adopters who still cling to pre-orders in this increasingly digital age have a treat waiting for you! We’ve built a cool in-game bobble head of Kindred CEO, Martin Tweed that lives in your habitat and spouts nonsense whenever you hit it, plus a hideous tchotchke that can dangle from the grip of your pistol providing endless amusement and a slight bonus to your chances of bigger loot drops every time you senselessly murder one of your new planet’s inhabitants solely to further your own advancement. All you need to do is pre-order now! So do it. We need the money.

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