Evolutionary Films are taking Minibots to China!


    The London based production and international sales company is jetting off to Beijing and Shanghai next month to meet with partners and finalise the co-production deal for their 3D CGI family animation project Minibots.

    When planet Earth receives a coded message from outer space, three young geniuses realise that their science camp project to build miniature robots that reflect their own personalities may be the best hope to communicate with the aliens. Now the kids and their Minibots must work together in a race against a shady Government agency to ensure the future of humankind.

    Minibots has been developed entirely in-house at Evolutionary Film Productions and will begin full blown production before the end of 2019.

    “Evolutionary Films are very excited to be branching out into the family animation sector and bringing Minibots to our buyers at the American Film Market in November”, said Diane Shorthouse who will be producing with John Adams from an original screenplay by Scott Christian Sava.

    As the Minibots would say… “Follow Your Dream! Discover Your Function!”

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