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Epic old-school adventure A Knight’s Quest is out now on PlayStation 4


Amazing news, everyone: the awesome throwback adventure ‘A Knight’s Quest’ is OUT NOW on PlayStation 4!

Taking inspiration from a whole host of classic adventure titles, ‘A Knight’s Quest’ is a perfect blend of old-school puzzling and modern-day visuals. Players fill the shiny metal boots of Rusty, a fresh-faced new knight who manages to start a cataclysmic event that threatens to destroy the world as he knows it. Nice job, Rusty. With the spirit powers of wind, fire and ice behind him, he’ll explore a world packed full of wonderful new locations in the hopes of fixing his big mistake.

The medieval realm of Regalia will be Rusty’s first port of call, a bustling harbor town packed with impressive ships, towering stone buildings and plenty of nosey townsfolk. Away from the busy town centre, the fringes of Regalia have their own threat: a swampland infested with possessed skeletons and slime-riddled creatures kept in check by the local rainforest tribe.

Zameris is another local hotspot, a desert town inspired by the desolate lands of classic Disney films like Aladdin. Zameris is the perfect place for a spot of shopping, its bazar filled with useful items to purchase from the local rock men. Built on shifting sands, players will have to quickly move from spot to spot or risk sinking to their doom. Make sure you pay your respects to the local soldiers keeping careful guard of the populace.

If you can’t stand the heat, then the cooler climates of Peaky Peaks sound like your best bet. Inspired by classic Japanese culture, its snow-covered mountains are always an icy threat. Make sure you swing by the town’s very own nightclub run by the ice bros, some of the coolest locals you’ll meet on your travels. And wrap up warm, as Rusty can get chilly fast.

These are just a handful of the varied and colourful locations players can explore in ‘A Knight’s Quest’, and we can’t wait to see what you can find hidden in their nooks and crannies.

The team has put countless hours of playtime the game here at the Curve offices. With its sly sense of humour and beautiful 3D locations, it’s a real love letter to some of the greatest adventure games of all time – with all the bells and whistles of a modern PlayStation 4 title.

Rusty might not be your typical knight, but he can still stand tall with the best of them.

‘A Knight’s Quest’ is out now on PlayStation 4.

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