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Paper Beast’s sandbox mode lets you experiment with an ever-changing ecosystem


An adventure and a sandbox — Paper Beast has two ways to interact with its budding digital world. In the previous trailer, we shared how the gameplay would work in adventure mode, a 4-5 hour experience. It’s time to share our trailer for sandbox mode, a place for experimentation and playground of infinite replayability in the Paper Beast universe.

Set your imagination free, shape and develop the universe as you wish.

Paper Beast on PS4

Create an interactive and living ecosystem

We wanted the player to feel totally immersed. Special attention has been given to creating an immersive VR world as we carefully crafted our environments. In this imaginary world, physics are realistic.

Players can interact with creatures and experiment with different actions to elicit new responses and reactions. Our dev team has been working on this mode for a long time and they still discover funny behaviours, so we’re looking forward to seeing what quirky and exciting new phenomenon players encounter.

Paper Beast on PS4

There are 11 different hybrid animal species for players to discover in Paper Beast. You can add to their world by growing plants or altering geological elements and land areas. Play with weather events or insert new objects which will disrupt physics. Try, experiment, and observe.

Paper Beast on PS4

Terrain model

Shape the terrain as you like! Add sand, rocks, water, and observe the erosion. Simulation in Paper Beast’s digital world follows the natural course of reactions to the elements and always strives to rebalance and adapt to player actions.

Whatever actions you choose, nothing is destroyed. The wild nature is adjusting in real-time.

The shape of the terrain will have an impact on every part of the simulation. For instance, players will impact:

Entity behaviour

Combine elements to play with creatures’ behaviour. Each animal has a distinct motivation it will pursue. If you disturb the creature, it will react and adapt to any changes introduced into the environment. What will happen if I fasten a predator to a cable? How will a Bridger react if I add water?


Control the weather in a variety of ways: set a global rainstorm into motion, create churning sandstorms or implement changes on a smaller scale through different types of mini storms. Paper Beast’s creatures will adapt and react to any change or disruption.


Terrain shapes and shifts as interactions between the animals and their environment leave imprints. The landscape in Paper Beast evolves with creature activities.

Paper Beast on PS4

Manipulate objects

Pick-up an object and play with physics! Choose from a number of objects that shape and disturb the world. Add an anti-gravity capsule and watch creatures levitate. What if you add a mini storm or a water tree? Fasten entities to each other or attach them to a parachute. The possibilities are infinite!

Paper Beast on PS4

Bonus: What is that strange object at the beginning of the video?

It’s a mathematical object that gives the impression there is an inside and an outside when there is only one surface. It’s symbolic of the two modes of the game and the transition from one to the other. The object will have a role to play in Paper Beast.

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