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Tips and tricks to scoring the perfect game in Golf with Your Friends, out now on PS4


Golf with Your Friends can be both a relaxing adventure and a competitive blast! either way you choose, I hope these tips below can help you get all those amazing shots and really impress your friends!

Houston, we have a hole in one!

Gravity is just some tricky magic, but if you use it just right you can slingshot your way to success!

Watch out for these black holes and gravity fields, the closer you shoot at one of these astronomical vortexes the more gravity you will feel, sometimes giving the undesired effect of launching you at a random angle and possible off the course!

Knocking one of your friends in these could see them lost forever!

Timing is key

Squish the competition by avoiding being squashed!

Time your strokes and adjust your angles, you don’t want to be caught at the business end of one of these. Being squashed will reset you back to your last shot so be super careful, every stroke counts.

Golf with Your Friends on PS4

We have blast off!

Jetpacks can be extremely useful when used to their full potential, covering large distances and taking you to new heights! Remember to watch your fuel level as you power past your rivals.

Who said mini golf isn’t rocket science?

Golf with Your Friends on PS4

Lights, camera, action!

Using the free-cam when enabled lets you survey the world and current hole, you will be able to see where the hole is located and the obstacles in your way.

If you get the chance, always take a few seconds to map out your plan of action before taking your first shot!

Golf with Your Friends on PS4


Golf balls are not usually aquatic creatures, however using our patented golf ball floatation devices, you can cruise the streams and rivers of Golf with Your Friends. Remember while in the water you can always jump and bounce to achieve that optimal golf shot!

Golf with Your Friends on PS4

How do I convey this?

Making good use of conveyors can land you in a great position, use them to adjust your angle mid shot or launch you over dangerous obstacles. Be careful not to overshoot otherwise you will get the opposite effect.

Carpool in style, let the hole come to you!

Golf with Your Friends on PS4


Using portals can lessen your commute, watch before you enter as some portals move around and others might trick you. If you time them exactly right and work out where they lead, you will get the upper hand over your friends! Now that’s thinking with portals!

Golf with Your Friends on PS4

Put it all to the test

Now that you are filled to the brim with knowledge, go put your friends and online buddies to shame!

Putt your way across 11 official maps including space, candy, pirate cove and even an official worms course. Make use of custom game options like custom ball shapes, jumping, collision, powerups and more!

I hope you enjoy your time in the world of Golf with Your Friends.

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