Aardman Academy: Storyboarding Q&A – Gail Hodson-Walker


    We caught up with Gail Hodson-Walker about her experience taking the Aardman Academy Storyboarding Workshop. Read on to find out what she enjoyed most, and how she’ll be putting her new skills into practice…

    What excited you most about the workshop?

    I am a designer and illustrator at a creative agency in Derby UK, I love to create characters and I adore animation and motion, so the opportunity to learn how to storyboard alongside Sam Horton, a storyboard artist at Aardman, was incredible as it allowed me to see how I can adapt my skills to the magical world of animation!

    What was the most useful tip you learnt on the day?

    There were so many really useful tips! I think the most useful was realising how fast-thinking, adaptive and resilient a storyboard artist has to be, and learning where their role features in the animation production process.

    Have you taken any online animation courses before?

    The Aardman Academy Storyboarding Workshop delivered live via Zoom was a first for me. I was unsure how much I would gain from a virtual learning experience, but I’m pleased to say I learnt a lot.

    Are you working as a storyboarder or hoping to get into the industry?

    I am incredibly lucky to work as a designer in a creative agency that produces motion graphics, so I get to see on a daily basis how storytelling and moving image is used to communicate and market a service or product, responsibly. I’d really love to be a storyboarder and I’m completely open-minded and excited to see where my career takes me!

    How will you put what you learnt on the day into practice?

    I’m already using the storyboard skills I developed in the workshop to visualise a children’s book I wrote the week before the workshop took place. Sam Horton demonstrated ways to gain clarity from frame-to-frame when storyboarding and this will come in very useful as the visuals for my book develop. I also hope to apply storyboarding to my day job – allowing me to support the motion designers at the planning stage, once the script has been finalised.


    The next Aardman Academy Storyboarding Workshop with Sam Horton takes place on 12th August. Register your interest here.

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