Treasured Projects: Danny Capozzi

Cutting a new scrapbook reel is one of those times when you  sit back and reflect on the blood, sweat and (hopefully not so many) tears that have gone into projects completed the last couple of years. We’re often too busy making the work to be able to put time aside to showcase the projects […]

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Creating StorySign – An App for Deaf Readers

Learning to read can be difficult for any child, but for children who are severely or profoundly deaf it can be an insurmountable challenge.  We were posed the question of how we would create an app that could help deaf children overcome this difficulty. The result is StorySign; an app made in collaboration with FCB […]

Tulisa Celebrates Landing Her First Lead Role In Upcoming Film Diva

She’s maintained a relatively private life since winning her lawsuit against Britney Spears and But Tulisa has made a return to the spotlight as she stepped out to celebrate landing her first lead role in upcoming film Diva at Santa Monica’s Loews Hotel in Los Angeles on Monday evening. The former N-Dubz star, 30, […]

Behind the Craft: Greenpeace – Turtle Journey

Oh my. Where do I begin? Please indulge me as I wax lyrical about being involved in the most important project of my career. This was something really, really special. *Takes deep breath* – I got to make an emotional, heartwarming and heartbreaking film for Greenpeace. Working collaboratively, using storytelling, humour and creativity to tell […]

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Lemmings comes to mobile devices today

Lemmings: A cute, clumsy and clueless species of green-mopped creatures on a journey home, in desperate need of help. For over 25 years, players have answered their call, with millions playing the puzzle game that became a pop-culture phenomenon. We cheered when we saved them, cried when they died and as a schoolkid back in […]

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Behind the Craft: DFS ‘Welcome in Spring’

Concept Aardman has been producing the DFS campaign since 2016. Styled by our amazing Creative Director Steve Harding-Hill, it has a unique handmade look with puppets beautifully crafted out of fabric, and I was over the moon when asked to direct it. We wanted ‘Welcome in Spring’ (my second commercial for the brand) to feel […]

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Dominiquie Vandenberg Talks Legion Maxx

“Dominiquie Vandenberg is a modern-day warrior poet whose fight choreography is like a ballet that he mixes with images from a brutal past. A natural talent that was born in blood.” – Martin Scorsese Once described as Jean-Claude Van Damme envisioned by Hieronymus Bosch, Dominiquie Vandenberg has lead quite the life, he’s been a world […]

Aardman Academy: Storyboarding blog – Jen Dewar

You know when you get an excited prickle in your stomach? It can happen when you make eye contact with a person you have a huge crush on, or when you’re going on holiday and the plane is just about to go really, really fast (ha. Remember that?). Well, I was doing some research into […]

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Behind the Craft: Jet-Puffed Marshmallows

Earlier this year we were lucky enough to be approached by VaynerMedia and Kraft to help them design a new animated commercial for their revamped Jet-Puffed Marshmallows. The brief was to create a fluffy character-based spot that showed a slice of life inside the delicious world of Jet-Puffed Nation. Early on we could see this […]

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Behind the Craft: Coldplay – ‘Daddy’

Concept There are many projects that come through the door at Aardman that are unique, but few really grab you by the heart. When I had the opportunity to pitch on this project, I knew that is was going to be a very special one – not only because of the band being Coldplay, and […]

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